A Mission of a Lifetime: Reviving the Lost Art of Bengal


We believe there should be a focus on our indigenous culture and heritage so that through fashion, people embrace the roots. Aankona is a feeling that lives inside all of us. The Pride of being a woman. Through art we wanted to contribute to our society and create something that lives far beyond our lives.

Open the doors of abundance and choose what your heart wants. Khadi Sarees, Linen Sarees, Kantha Sarees, Silk Sarees, Khadi Jamdani, Garad and much more. This is where your soul belongs, finding our true self, in art, in fashion, deep in our culture.

India is a country which celebrates textiles, rich heritage and unforgettable stories that live in every street, every house, every brick and in every heart. The artisans have magic in their hands and they write stories with their fingers. As the needles move through the fabric, it is like the river of life, flowing through the ocean of time. At Aankona, we celebrate the essence of creativity, of dedication, of craftsmanship.

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