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This is where your soul belongs, finding our true self, in art, in fashion, deep in our culture.
The pride of being a woman. The magic of being you, I always wanted to contribute to our society and create something that lives far beyond my life.

Aankona was born that way. We are on a mission to revive the lost art of India and in the process we honor timeless designs and celebrate the people who created them.

The new India needs young talent with new mindsets. I love interacting with people across different industries and learning new things.

Sangita – Founder & CEO

Where The Style Meets aristocracy

Artisan Stories

Artists make themselves immortal as they infuse themselves into what they create. Their stories, their worldviews, their hardships, their moments of laughter and their unconditional joy for existence. 

Art is a language of its own and like our personal realities, every piece of art is exceptional in its own way. Thoughts are interpreted into actions and feelings give shape to reality. In the fabric of life, each piece of art is a solidified representation of the artist’s personal reality. That is truly beautiful.


Bangalore Silk

Organic Cotton

Khadi Jamdani


“From wedding specials to dailywear. Aankona always has what I need.”

– Soma

“Aankona celebrates my magic. Beautiful craftsmanship.”
– Ishita

“Aankona celebration women. A brand close to my heart.”
– Ankita
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