Payments & More

Payments can be completed in different ways. They are:

1. Payment using a debit or credit card
2. E-wallets can also be used to complete your payment
3. Net Banking can be used as well

In case, your payment method is declined or not successful, one of the following things can be done.
1. The information provided on your debit or card must be verified thoroghly to ensure there are no mistakes. Details like Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV are to be put in here. Also don’t forget to tally the information with the information you have provided on your account.

2. For more information about payment issues, get in touch with your bank.
3. For specific queries, get in touch with us.

Product deliveries are based on availability. Once orders are placed, email confirmations are sent to you. Most order shipments are done in the time frame of that particular product. However, we have to depend on certain outside vendors to complete the deliveries. Kindly note that we have no liability for delivery delays caused by things beyond our control like rough weather, third-party delays, etc.

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