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This is the world of Aankona. You can easily access it by typing in Like everything we do, taking care of our visitors is one of our main priorities, and we always keep that in mind. This document relating to Privacy Policy has different kinds of information and all of them are meant to give you a better understanding of what data we collect and how it is used, to give you a better experience overall. We understand that some additional questions might arise in your mind about this Privacy Policy, so we would love it, if you got in touch with us with queries.

This document gives you a detailed idea about how uses the various information provided by you, while using the website and while buying items from our website. We know how vital privacy is and we do whatever we can to secure and protect that, in every step. Some of your details are collected by us, this privacy policy statement is always followed, while doing that.

The various points mentioned here and this entire privacy policy undergoes changes with the passage of time, so checking it frequently is totally recommended. Your satisfaction and complete happiness is important for us, so check the points thoroughly. This policy comes under effect from 25th December, 2022.

Following are the key information that we gather from you, during the product purchase and website browsing process.

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your phone number and also your email address
  3. Your pin code, your address, city, state and country.
  4. Company names might also be collected in case of bulk orders
  5. Some other information is also taken to give specific details about offers and other related things

Trust us, every piece of information matters and it is our duty to let you know what it is used for by us. Have a look at the below mentioned reasons to form an idea.

  1. Some information is taken by us for the purpose of logging information about you and certain internal records.
  2. Some feedback is also necessary for us, so that we can change our product line and create better things for you.
  3.  Email addresses are an opportunity for us to build a long-lasting relationship for us and to it, we might send offers, discounts, useful information and other useful stuff to you.
  4. Market research matters to us and it helps us build an idea on what you, our customer, want from us. Be it the phone number or email address, some survey questions might be sent to you, to take your valuable feedback.

Security Matters
Your valuable information will remain safe with Aankona and you need not worry about that. Access to this information is prohibited to any external sources, so unauthorized access is not possible. Your crucial information is safeguarded and certain key electronic as well as managerial processes are put into use to do so.

Cookie Usage

  1. Understanding what a cookie is important. These small files require permission first and then they are installed in the hard drive of the computer you use. It mainly analyses the web traffic usage and when you browse and land up on a particular site, it gives you a notification.

  2. Personalized interactions are vital for digital experiences and these cookies give useful feedback to web applications, about individual interaction. Individual needs vary and these cookies remember preferences of the user.

  3.  A special kind of cookie called traffic log is used to locate and understand which pages are most used. This makes the entire experience more personalized and helps us craft exactly what you need. No data remains in our systems and whatever is collected is mainly meant for analyzing the statistics of website usage.

  4. Cookies help a lot in building an overall better web experience. Some pages definitely are more vital for our users, while others are not. Cookies help in differentiating it. Access to your personal information is not given by cookies, nor does it give authority over any other vital information about you. Data which is not shared by the user is not accessed by cookies.

  5. You, the user, have the option to either accept them or deny them. Cookies, by default are accepted by web browsers, but these settings can be modified any time, to decline them.However, this will restrict you from having the complete website experience.

Other Website Navigation and Links
Some links are included in our website, which takes you to other websites. These are given for additional shopping options. It is no way endorsed by us. Once you click on these links and enter whatever website you choose, we have no control. This should be noted. This privacy policy only governs our website and the use of your vital information on those sites, are not under your control. Your privacy, decision to browse the other website/s, as well as information provided to those sites, during interaction is solely your responsibility. So, in this case, the privacy statements of the sites you visit, should be checked thoroughly by you.

Personal Information and its Control
Collection of personal information can be totally restricted by doing the following things.

  1. Our website contains forms and there is a small box which denotes that you want to be excluded from direct marketing exercises, which are done by using the information you provide.

  2. However, while browsing the different sections of our website before, you might have checked that box and agreed to give your information for direct marketing initiatives. This option is open for change and it can be done any time. Just email us your preference in the ID – Preferences won’t be changed, if no specific mail is received from your end.

  3.  Personal information remains private and it is not in any way distributed, sold or leased by us to any third parties whatsoever. It may be done, if we have the  permission to do it, either granted by you or law enforcement authorities. Promotional information related to other websites or third-party sources might be sent to you, if that is in any way useful to you. But, it will only be done, if we receive prior confirmation from you regarding this.

  4. Details about your personal data that we have acquired about you can be requested by you, under The Data Protection Act 1998. However, a certain fee might be payable for this. If you want a copy of the specific information, which we have about you, based on the personal details we provided, kindly reach out by writing to 123, Garfa Main Road, Jadavpur University Campus Area, Pratapgarh, Sen Para, Garfa, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075.

  5. If you believe any part of the information that we have about you is not correct or it needs updates, reach out via email or send us a letter in the above mentioned address. The information in question, which requires edits, will be corrected by us.

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