About Aankona

Aankona Design Studio was founded by Sangita Maji in 2012. It started off as a boutique. Slowly and gradually, we developed our own handloom weaving and tailoring division in 2016 and 2018 respectively. In 2019, we diversified into export business. Aankona signifies the pride of being a woman. Every saree is hand-stitched by our artisans with love.

At Aankona Design Studio, we believe in creating identities, not just a piece of clothing. We believe in maximum quality, not only in every thread woven but also in the lives of people who wear our clothing. We are not only selling distinctive handloom saris, we position ourselves as a brand which radiates recognition to the person who wears, the person who makes and everyone in between.

As of today, Aankona Design Studio’s journey is supported by 70+ highly skilled and motivated employees who are predominantly women. Unique clothing range handcrafted and handwoven with passion. Our product line includes cotton saris, kantha stitch, gujarati stitch, jamdani, linen, muha, tusar, khadi and blouses. On demand, we produce customized items.

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