Artisan Stories

Artists make themselves immortal as they infuse themselves into what they create. Their stories, their worldviews, their hardships, their moments of laughter and their unconditional joy for existence. Art is a language of its own and like our personal realities, every piece of art is exceptional in its own way. Thoughts are interpreted into actions and feelings give shape to reality. In the fabric of life, each piece of art is a solidified representation of the artist’s personal reality. That is truly beautiful. 

Duality is almost indistinguishable from the human soul. One fragment of our true self contains boundless love, while just in the blink of an eye melancholy pours in our heart like the dark clouds engulfing a corn field. Our artisans weave stories and leave a piece of themselves in their work of awe. There are times, when we get lost in their stories, their conversations leave us transfixed. Discussing a new collection gives us an opportunity to know them better, so that we activate our creative self. 

At Aankona, our artisans are our family. We stand together, in every twist and turn of life. Their families, their children, their health and their well-being, everything receives equal importance. From sarees and quilts to special accessories, together we bring out the best for the people. Creating timeless masterpieces is no ordinary work and the work our artisans put in for us, fills our heart with immense gratitude. In life, dedication and courage are the two things that guarantee success. Our artisans with their heart-touching and awe-inspiring stories leave us spellbound. They are as beautiful as their creations. 

We are on a mission. To revive the lost art of India and connect to our roots. This wouldn’t have been possible without our fabulous rural artisans, who inspire us to achieve more, to give more, to love more and to love our culture like never before. Indian crafts and our handlooms are coming back in trend and we look forward to a new era of sustainable, conscious fashion. A timeless tale of weaving fairytales, one masterpiece at a time. 

The potential of the handloom sector is limitless and revival is a journey, not a destination. Rural artisans showcase exceptional creative and technical skils, while creating the beautiful handwoven items and they deserve promotion and recognition. We have to embrace Indian textile more and make it a part of our everyday life. True beauty lies in acknowledging our heritage and wearing our proud tradition. 

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