Know The Founder

A Mother.
An Entrepreneur.
A born dreamer and a woman.

She founded Aankona Design Studio in 2021 and it started off as a boutique. Slowly and gradually, it developed its own handloom weaving and tailoring division in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Post this, ADS was able to manage the end-to-end processes thereby providing higher control on the quality.

In 2019, it diversified into an export business. As of today, Aankona Design Studio’s journey is supported by 70+ highly skilled and motivated employees who are predominantly women.

Sangita Speaks

Aankona is a feeling that lives inside all of us.

The pride of being a woman. The magic of being you, I always wanted to contribute to our society and create something that lives far beyond my life.

Aankona was born that way. We are on a mission to revive the lost art of India and in the process we honor timeless designs and celebrate the people who created them.

The new India needs young talent with new mindsets. I love interacting with people across different industries and learning new things.

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