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The owner of this website, along with the subsidiaries as well as the affiliates (“www.aankona.com” or “ADS” or “Aankona Design Studio” or when mentioned “we”, “Our” or even “Us”) states that all the information given on this website and also in the different webpages of this website (“Site” or “Website”) to the all our web visitors (“Viewers” or “Visitors”) (who are collectively called “you” in different places or “your” in some places) are subjected to and come under the various terms and conditions mentioned and laid out in the terms and conditions of the website. It is also subjected to our privacy policy and other terms and conditions, which are relevant in the said case.

Some policies as well as notices which might be applicable to certain portions, sections along with different website modules also come under the terms and conditions.

We are extremely happy to give you a warm welcome to the world of www.aankona.com. By browsing this website and using the different sections, you hereby agree to follow the terms and conditions of this website use and be completely bound by it. Your interaction
and relationship to the brand “Aankona” and the website www.aankona.com is governed by the website’s privacy policy and the terms and conditions mentioned before. Aankona’s interaction and relationship with the visitor (you) is also governed by this terms and condition and privacy policy.

The word/term ‘Aankona’, ‘www.aankona.com’ or in some cases “us” or “our” or “we” used here refers this website’s owner, with a registered office located in 123, Garfa Main Rd, Jadavpur University Campus Area, Pratapgarh, Sen Para, Garfa, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075.

Also, on the other hand, the word ‘you’ is used to denote ‘you’, the one viewing, or using the website.

To use this website, the terms of service/use mentioned below, must be followed:

  1. The website’s content given in the various pages are basically for the general information of the user and it is meant for that usage only. The content might be changed any time, without any notice whatsoever.
  2. No warranty as well guarantee is given by us or any other third parties related to the correctness, promptness, performance, wholeness or relevance and aptness of the website’s information and also the various items displayed and offered here for whatever purpose it may be concerned. You as the viewer acknowledge the fact that the information in question and the materials listed/displayed might have some incorrectness or errors. We clearly exclude liability in case of these errors and that also to the highest extent, as is permitted or allowed by law.
  3. The materials/products and also the information given here on our website is to be used by you the viewer, at your complete responsibility and risk. We will not at all be liable in any cases. It is totally your personal responsibility to make sure that any given information, item, or type of service offered from here, meets your own personal requirement, in any specific way you desire.

  4. Some material contained in this website is either totally owned or it is licensed to be used by us. Some of this items include graphical items, user interrace design, website layout and also the appurtenance. Some more items are also included in the above list. As per copyright notice, reproduction is not allowed. That also comes under the terms and conditions mentioned here.
  5. The trade marks mentioned in this website, which are not owned by us/the operator, or we don’t have the licence to, are acknowledged.
  6. This website can’t be used in any unauthorized way and doing so may result in a serious criminal offence. Damages in that case might be claimed by us.
  7. Links to many different websites might be mentioned here, but this is only done to give you better information and not endorse these websites. The links which take you to other websites might have different content and we don’t have any responsibility regarding that.
  8. No links to our website from other websites are permitted. This also includes links to our site from any document too. Permission from Aankona, must be taken in order to do so.
  9. Disputes related to this website use or any other related issue will be subjected to India’s laws and other authorities as applicable in this case’

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